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What material is the UV panel

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UV is made of multi-layer board or MDF.

1. UV paint is UV light-curing paint, also known as light-initiated paint. The board is made of particleboard, density board and other boards that are dried by UV light curing machine. Because of its easy processing, industrial production can be realized, with bright color and wear resistance. , chemical corrosion resistance, long service life, high requirements for mechanical equipment and process technology.

2. The outer wall UV color board is based on high-density fiber cement board, and the thickness of the board is generally 12 mm. The surface of the board is painted by UV light curing process, and a layer of paint coating is attached to the surface of the board. When irradiated, it instantly solidifies into a film, with high solid content and high hardness. It is mainly used for the decoration of exterior walls, has good decorative properties, and can make architectural decoration glow.

3. UV coating is a kind of spray printing suitable for metal, glass, ceramics, MDF, PC, PVC, ABS and other materials. It can be wiped directly to the surface of the material, with high firmness, waterproof and UV protection. Moisture resistance and deformation resistance, the primer adopts solvent-free 4 E green high-grade paint, which is non-volatile, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. After curing, the antibacterial effect is good. It is an ideal decorative plate.


Expansion: The thickness of the board should be carefully observed. Generally speaking, the thickness of the inferior UV board cannot meet the relevant national standards. For example, the thickness of the three-mm UV board is generally between 2.6 mm and 2.9 mm, and the thickness of the five-mm thick UV board , the general thickness is between 4.6 mm and 4.9 mm. And the thicker the thickness of the uv board, the worse the quality and the cheaper the price.