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What is UV paint board?

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In daily life, you may often hear this and that about varnished board/UV varnished board. If you are new to the industry, you may be ignorant of this craft board. The editor of Changzhou Karrigi will give you a brief introduction. Popular science, what is the UV panel, and what are its production processes and materials?

The base material of UV lacquered board can be a variety of boards, such as MDF, melamine board, plastic board, blockboard, particle board, etc. The high-brightness plate is convenient and practical, and can be widely used in cabinet doors, home door panels and so on.

Functional characteristics of UV varnished board:

A: High surface smoothness: The specular highlight effect is obvious.

B: The paint film is full: the color is full and attractive.

C: Environmental protection and health: Generally, the baking paint is not baked, and volatile substances (VOC) are continuously released. The UV board solves the environmental protection problem of the century. Not only does it not contain volatile substances such as benzene, but also it is cured by ultraviolet light to form a dense cured film and reduce the amount of gas released from the substrate.

D: No fading: It has been proved by comparison experiments that UV decorative panels have better physical and chemical properties than traditional panels, ensuring that UV panels will not fade for a long time, and solve the phenomenon of color difference.

E: Scratch resistance: The higher the hardness, the brighter it becomes, and the curing at room temperature will not deform for a long time.

F: Acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance: UV board can resist the corrosion of various acid and alkali disinfectants.

G: Various color patterns can be made on the surface of the substrate, and various color patterns can be made according to requirements, and then painted and cured.

Process and equipment:

For the equipment industry "Chengshi Weiye" of UV varnished boards, many manufacturing processes have also emerged. It can be roughly divided into: roller coating type, curtain type, and molding type.

Roller coating type: The paint roller can be used to paint on the surface of the substrate;

Curtain type: spray directly onto the surface of the substrate through spraying equipment. The first two processes require a dust-free workshop for the working environment, with extremely high requirements, power consumption, and high paint cost. The production speed is fast, suitable for professional ultra-large batch production.

Molded type: It is somewhat similar to the process of roller coating, and after roller coating, it is polished by high-gloss material equipment. The working environment requirements are not high, and the general production environment can be used. The equipment cost is low, the paint matching cost is low, and the power consumption cost is low. Some equipment manufacturers can also make the cost of matching paint up to 10 yuan while ensuring the quality of the board. However, the production speed of this process is relatively slow, and the maximum class output is 800 sheets. Not suitable for large batch production.