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Wooden floor

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As time goes by, wooden floors retain their value. When the appearance of other floors becomes tired and worn, the wooden floor still looks beautiful and timeless. The wooden floor is eco-friendly. Because wood is a natural resource, wood is both renewable and recyclable. Many old wooden ships, warehouses, barns and other buildings in the past often found a second life on the wooden floor. Because wood does not accumulate dust and other allergens, many doctors agree that wood floors are ideal for healthy families. Wood is easy to maintain! New technologies for stain and surface treatment require regular cleaning, which is as easy as sweeping and/or vacuuming.

If your wooden floor consists of all one material, then it is hardwood. The sturdy floor provides you with great customization opportunities. The types, stains and finishes you choose all contribute to the personalization of the solid floor. This is an excellent choice in most areas of houses at ground level or above. Engineered wood flooring is composed of multiple layers of wood laminated together, and the wood grain runs in different directions to make it more durable. The top layer is the type of wood you want to buy (such as oak or maple). The other layers are composed of different kinds of wood. Engineered flooring can be used in household areas that may not be suitable for solid wood flooring: basements, kitchens, powder rooms and utility rooms.

Never use a wet mop on hardwood, as it may dull the paint and even damage the wood. The wet mop is ok. Do not use soap, cleaners, solvents, alcohol, varnish thinners or other non-hardwood special cleaners. They will destroy the surface effect. Protect hardwood floors from prolonged exposure to strong sunlight, which will accelerate oxidation and cause color fading. Regularly rearrange the carpets and furniture to make the floor age evenly.

Humidity can cause hardwoods to expand and contract. Minimize these changes by maintaining a constant humidity in the home (approximately 20%). Make sure your house has adequate ventilation. Every 3-5 years, according to your passenger flow, call us for a new finish. This day's procedure will remove surface scratches and footwear flow, and restore surface finish. You will want to repair hardwood floors every 15-20 years, or if you have some deep gouges or scratches, you will need to repair it again.