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Stone plastic floor decoration purchase

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Floor selection is the most tangled thing in the whole decoration. The first building material to look at is the floor, and the final decision is also the floor. I believe many friends have watched it a lot, both physically and online, for a long time.

The first consideration for the elderly and children at home is safety. Here, Changzhou Carrigi will explain to you how to choose flooring and why it is recommended to use stone plastic flooring in the first place!

What are the reasons for choosing stone plastic flooring

1. The structure is stable and safe. The main raw material of stone plastic floor is stone powder + PVC (polyethylene), which is mixed and extruded evenly at high temperature. There is almost no water during the processing. It basically achieves 0 formaldehyde, EO level environmental protection, and B1 level fire protection.

2. Budget: affordable. For home renovation or second-hand house renovation, you can directly pave the floor tiles to save time and effort. Compared with solid wood, strengthen, firstly, the price is affordable, secondly, the E0 grade environmental protection is pollution-free, and the installation is ready to live. Third, the installation method is simple and convenient, and the replacement is convenient.

3. Strong functionality. The stone plastic floor has B1 fire rating, waterproof, non-slip, and easy to take care of. For the kitchen, the bathroom is a good choice. Among them, waterproof and anti-skid is an essential function in daily life.

How to choose to install it

1. When choosing stone plastic flooring, remember to look at the sample, the thickness, and the test report.

2. Buy thick, not thin, buy a silent pad if you have a silent pad. The thickness of the stone plastic floor is not too thick in all floors, and the card slot should also choose seamless buckle.

3. Design and color. The variety of patterns and colors of stone plastic flooring is second to none of all flooring. Make a reasonable choice according to your own needs. The basic classifications include stone plastic flooring, stone grain, wood grain, and M-SPC flooring.

4. Skirting. The skirting line try to choose a manufacturer to buy, or you can also match it according to the color

5. Installation. Remember to supervise the installation yourself, and find a master to install it. Novices are not likely to leave seams to deal with, which will cause problems such as damage to the floor.